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Monday, March 3, 2014


The Oscars are over this year and I'm already looking ahead to winners for next year. Do you think anything slated to come out the rest of 2014 rivals The LEGO Movie for Best Animated Film? I don't. But then, I'm also a huge closet LEGO Nerd. LEGOs are kind of, well, AWESOME!

And here is where I admit the epitome of my LEGO nerdiness: I collect LEGO minifigures.

And so do my kids because they, too, are awesome.

We lost a LOT of "minifigs" over the first couple of series because we didn't have anywhere to keep them. All those little pieces in the hands of first and second graders -- it was a losing battle. And heartbreaking. I finally came up with my own solution to saving and better enjoying our collections. All it took was a few IKEA frames, the inside white paper flipped so no print showed, square LEGO bricks (2 x 2), and hot glue. (DEFINITELY not Krazy glue. And we're gluing the display pieces, not the people, people. The people are FREE. We would have learned nothing from that movie.)

 Here is what my son's collection looks like:

And here is what my daughter's collection looks like, proving LEGOs belong in even super-girly rooms:

Now that the best pieces have a place, what do you do with the rest of those LEGOs? I love my friend Brittany's solution:
Sort by color and then . . .
Everything is AWESOME!


  1. AWESOME!! I'm so in love with your "mini figs" idea. You are totally Mr. Business and I love it!!