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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


My beautiful and super skinny friend Sarah LOVES candy. Not to eat, but to decorate with. Which makes sense, right? Candy is gorgeous!

For my birthday a few years ago, she brought me this super cute flower in a vase filled with chocolate covered almonds. By some kind of miracle, I only ate 70% of the candy while I used it as an Easter decoration and the rest of it survived in my craft room as a permanent year-round decoration:

Sarah is like me in that she doesn't like to clutter her house with lots of cheesy holiday decorations. But, the kids. Oh, the kids how they love those cheesy decorations. Sarah found a solution that works for her and decided she would focus her holiday decorating to one spot in her house -- she chose the mantle above her fireplace.

When I was at Sarah's house this month it made me smile to see that she was decorating with candy in jars in her house, too. I love everything about her homemade Valentine's Mantle.

The topiary tree is made from crepe paper roses, the love letters are modge podge and paint. The wreaths are made from felt circles that are folded and pinned into the heart foam wreaths. She said all of it was super simple, it just took time. I'm sure you'll agree with me though, it was well worth it!


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