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Monday, February 3, 2014


First of all, it is all I can do to ONLY tell you about my friend Brittany's amazing stained concrete floors in this blog post because there are a billion little details in her house that are even more crazy amazing than these floors. If you can imagine. Seriously. I adore what she has done to make her house a home for her cute family.

Just wait. You'll see.

But for today, you can drool over these floors. I had heard of staining your basement concrete but I couldn't imagine that it would actually look good. I was skeptical until the moment I saw it with my own eyes. How nice does this look?

Brittany hired a sketchy guy from the classifieds that luckily turned out to be pretty much a concrete artist. He drilled the lines and filled them with grout to give it all the appearance of tile. And though the concrete was already beat up with paint splatters and cracks and all sorts of imperfections, it now looks like it all belongs.

You probably won't believe me unless you stand on it yourself, but the concrete doesn't even feel cold. And the rich color makes the feel warm and inviting. A nice, big carpet rug warms up the center of the room even more, and the rest of the floor is perfect for her house full of boys. She lets them dribble basketballs, ride their scooters, and just be BOYS down there.

It makes me really, really wish I had been this brave when I was finishing my basement. It's beautiful!



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