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Monday, January 27, 2014


My super cute new neighbor, Cassie, is an interior designer so I had high expectations when she let me tour her house last month. Her eye for creating beautiful spaces went beyond anything I could have imagined.  One of my favorite rooms in her home was a windowless basement bedroom. Anyone who thinks you can't make a basement bedroom beautiful, I'm here to prove you wrong.

Charming french doors open up to . . . a dream Paris-themed room.

The amazing thing about Cassie is she does all her decorating on a budget. Her rooms are full of refinishing projects and discount-store finds.


Word of advice: Don't show you daughters these pictures. Take it from me, they will never be happy with their own room ever again. Also, if she ever redecorates this room, my daughter has dibs on everything in it.



  1. I totally feel like a slacker. Cassie knows what she's doing!

  2. Love it! and her! Great decorater. Fun to showcase that!