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Friday, January 10, 2014


With the birth of this blog, we would also like to welcome to birth of sweet baby Liam who is returning home this week to a nursery that was lovingly created by his mother Susannah. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak to the room of this Utah home that has been anxiously awaiting his arrival!

Liam's room is the perfect combination of past, present, and hopes for a bright future:

Liam's mom and aunts pieced together this collage of homemade and purchased pom poms and paper lanterns.
A few circle hole punches, papers of your choice, and a straight line on a sewing machine is all it takes to make this handmade garland.

Susannah gathered toys, tables, and lamps from her and her husband's childhood homes to add a personal touch to Liam's room. It makes for a beautiful balance with the new toys and decorations they purchased just for baby.

Welcome to your home, Liam!



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